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Feb 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
supervisor london breed, welcome. we also have in the audience with us karen roy is with us. we have karen roy. we have luis herrera, city librarian with us. mohammed naru who is the head of dpw. we have joanne white, the fire chief is with us. and linda richardson, commissioner linda richardson is with us. let's welcome them, please. (applause) >> okay. we have greetings now in the program. i think we will go ahead and move forward with the greetings from the supervisors and we will then be followed by city administrator kelly will introduce the mayor upon the mayor's arrival. so, with that i'd like to ask supervisor cohen if you would come and extend greetings, please. >> thank you. amen, good morning, everyone. good afternoon. how are you? i have to say you look beautiful to look out and see so much red. this is an exciting time for all of us here in san francisco. and as i stand before you on this day, we celebrate black history month in san francisco. this is a day on which we acknowledge the being at the crossroads of equality and freedom. celebrating the emancipation proclamation as
Feb 24, 2013 9:00am EST
noticed. >> i was kind of struck what were you struck by, honey? >> at linda's cord roys reporter: her cord roys. it was something about the cord roys >> reporter: the cord roys were the beginning of a 26-year relationship. they were married in 2008. >> karen's six years younger but i forgive her daily. i wake up each morning. i do. and i forgive you for being younger. >> reporter: they are as open about their relationship as hunt is about her future. n.c.i.s. los angeles can still be going strong but she says she doesn't want her role to last forever. >> you know, i will retire one of these days. when i do, i don't want to be thinking about you alone >> i look forward to a time when i don't have to work anymore. >> reporter: you do? i do which is really do which is close at hand. >> reporter: her current contract will take her into her 70s. not bad for a woman whose own parents feared might be too small to stand out on stage. but linda hunt still has audiences looking up. what do you think your parents would think now? >> they would be so happy that i'm earning a check every week
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)